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Humor for Girls — 20 Scripts — Instant Download

Humor for Girls — 20 Scripts — Instant Download

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Instantly download 20 of our best humorous scripts for young women, at one low price. These scripts are tournament-proven and NSDA approved. 

Scripts Included:

KTD’s by Elizabeth Bogle

In this outrageous comedy, Cassie goes to summer camp and learns about a new kind of disease — Kiss-Transmitted Disease. After catching Cassie and her boyfriend kissing by the lake, camp counselor Gloria struggles to convince them of the seriousness of the crime. Their heated debate soon reaches a hilarious and cringe-worthy conclusion. Don’t miss the chance to have your audience in stitches with this script that’s perfect for high-energy performers.

Depressed White Girl: World's Worst DI by Brandon Daley

The Depressed White Girl is pregnant. Who could be the father? Well, just about anyone, as she has not exactly been selective in her social life. But as her parents discuss her options, no one is prepared for the surprise that waits. Hint: The baby is an alien. An absolutely hysterical send-up of overly dramatic plays for girls.

Everything Under the Sun by Bridget Grace Sheaff 

At an interplanetary meeting, The Sun announces that she needs a vacation. Each of the planets vies for their position as the center of the solar system, with disastrous results. In the end, after a rally of appreciation, The Sun decides to stay. A fast-paced and smart comedy with ten terrific characters. 

Mary Choppins by Frank Joseph

Three bright little English children need a new maid... but they get more than they bargained for when Mary Choppins shows up at their door! Her no-nonsense attitude leaves the kids with scars on the inside and out, and leaves the audience in stitches! The children must unravel the mystery of her dreadful appearance before she can carry out her evil plan. Brilliant satire.

Snow White & The Gucci Stilettos by B. L. Houchen

Snow White, the innocent albino princes of The Land of Never Ending, has a tough go of it: her pony is killed by the evil queen, she gets kicked out of her kingdom, and she’s abused by her evil stepmother.  Just when things are looking worst, though, she's rescued by Prince Charming.  They quickly become Fairy Tale Weekly’s Most Beautiful Couple, until Prince Charming falls in love with Rumpelstiltskin and divorces her.  That’s when the adventure really begins - after huffing & puffing & blowing Prince Charming’s house down in a fit of rage, Snow White has to learn to make it in the world.  She knows her soul mate is out there, that best friend who will make everything ok, if only she could find out who the lost Gucci stiletto she found belongs to! This sarcastic and raucous look at popular fairy tales includes a lot of fun characters and chances for physical comedy.  Perfect for performers of all skill levels!


Penny and The Adventure of Tickle Me Elmo by JJ Allen

Penny goes through a heck of a lot to get a Tickle Me Elmo - only to find out her doll has a lot of attitude. The two must sass and claw their way to a happy ending. A host of crazy characters join the fun - including Penny's weird relatives.


Little Suzy Sues God for All He's Worth by Brandon Daley

Little Suzy's cat dies one morning when her mom drives through the wall of the room and her car explodes. Before she has a chance to react - or deal with her crazy dad - a lawyer from the Devil appears and offers to help her sue God. But God has his own representation, and soon Suzy is caught in wacky surreal legal battle between the forces of good and evil, involving her friends and future love life. Of course, Suzy ends up learning a little lesson about the real value of life's rough spots, whether her Dad believes her story or not! An excellent story that rides some great characters and crashes in big, hilarious waves.

The Bo Show by Betty Gerard

Little Bo Peep comes to life as the host of a rowdy daytime talk show. Her guests include Little Miss Muffet, Humpty Dumpty's Widow, and Jack Sprat, all of whom are given special "surprises" by their host. This hilarious parody is filled with entertaining characters and priceless moments.

Macaroni on a Hotdog by Sandra Thomas - New for 2016!

Families are always the best, frequently the worst, and can bring out every emotion in-between in us. Here’s the story of a wedding, told through the eyes of some very unique family characters. A hilarious, sweet, and clever play for a performer who loves going the extra mile with their characterizations.

Space Cadets by Brandon Daley - New for 2016!

Sarah and Becky fly their own spaceship and make their own rules. But it can get awfully lonely in space sometimes, and that’s why, when John & Scott show up in their own ship, dangerously low on Gooby Perkers, the girls decide to let them come onboard. Even though the guys are probably shape-shifting aliens. Hilarity of the extraterrestrial and hormonal varieties ensues!

Virtually Dateable by Josh Cohen

A 20-something woman with a sad love life turns to the internet to find a decent guy, only for her dating site to match her with a convicted sex offender. She then turns back to the site in an effort to salvage her Friday night, only to find the next guy it matches her with to be a chauvinistic jerk. Put off by the second guy, our heroine then receives a call from the sex offender. Will he turn out to be the decent guy she's looking for? A smart and funny look at online dating.

William Shakespeare's Jersey Shore by Hank Frederick

When Vincenzo hits his head at the club on the Jersey Shore, he wakes up to a very wacky world; all his reality TV co-stars are speaking in Shakespearean language and heroic couplets. In this outrageous scene, filled with both the classic mix-ups and madness of a Shakespearean comedy and the unbelievable silliness of the Jersey Shore, Vincenzo meets his companions anew - including Snookery and The Circumstance - and must try to survive a perilous walk home back to their summer pad, with many obstacles and much melodrama along the way. You'll be surprised how well the bard's tricks fit these fools.

Moonraker by Marissa Molchansky

Moonraker is, to say the least, an odd high school girl. Armed with a talking diary, she recounts the story of getting the popular boy she loves to kiss her. In the end, she discovers that the popular boy, Jake, was up to no good, and that her best friend Stevie is her true soulmate.

The AnyThing by Hank Frederick

Phones and tablets make it tough enough to connect to the real world - imagine if you had something like that inside your brain!  High school classmates Suzie and Jack have big crushes on each other, but they've also got serious love for their AnyThings, special wireless devices that allow them to post anything they think or see to the internet.  Their date, featuring a sad smart car and several hilarious mishaps, couldn't go more wrong.  Will love triumph anyway?  Spoiler alert: yes it does.  Another smashing comedy from this fresh new voice.   Great for male or female performers, and makes a great guy/girl duo. 

Single White Female by Kaitlin McCoshen

In this dark and moving comedy, Ursula decides that she's not attractive enough to meet someone special, so she uses a stranger's picture in her online dating profile. The scheme goes wrong when her date ends up meeting the stranger whose picture Ursula used - and chaos ensues. Eventually, Ursula learns to love her appearance, and gains new insight about beauty from Sarah. A great piece for talented female actors.

Rhymes with Orange by Lauren Bouchard 

Loving poetry is never a problem, until you become obsessed with rhyming everything.  And even then, you could probably get through life without too much trouble, unless you happen to take a job at the Orange Julius stand in your local mall's food court.  Now Fay, our rhyming hero, is in danger of losing a job and putting the OJ out of business in her mad quest to find a word that rhymes with orange.  A very unique comedy from a promising young writer. 

Sarah’s Excellent Adventure with a Glowing Orb by Lawson Powers

A strange glowing orb takes a teenage girl on a wacky adventure through space, time, and comedy. Along the way, she picks up a rather charming Canadian boy named George, and together they meet the Queen of England, a doctor from colonial India, and one very surprised rock star.  A fun piece for a female performer who enjoys characters and quick transitions. 

Girls by Jason Chou

In this quick and pointed satire, a desperate male narrator makes his case for the insanity of teenage girls all over the world. Whether obsessing about arm fat or following the latest fad, the rather dense girls in this show have yet to find a stereotype they can't live up to. Get this perfect piece before everyone else does!

iWant by Mann Hoff

Jessica doesn’t want a new iPod. She NEEDS a new iPod. And she’ll do anything to get it, including dealing with her psycho-paranoid parents and actually getting a job. Jessica narrates this very funny and accurate play about the perils of high-school consumerism.

Physically Impossible by Josh Cohen

Physically Impossible: The Kiesha Story starts by addressing the age-old question of what happens when a thoughtful, optimistic teenage girl (Kiesha) wakes up to discover that she has mysteriously lost both of her arms. The script follows Kiesha through a week in her life at school following that curious morning, a week in which she has an English paper due, a soccer state championship to play in (as goalie, no less), and the Spring Dance to attend. However, Kiesha's new condition confuses and disturbs those around her, forcing Kiesha to deal with ignorance and discrimination as people overlook her thoughtfulness and optimism in lieu of her limbs (or lack thereof). When all seems lost, Kiesha receives a bit of advice from an unlikely source, renewing her belief in mankind and allowing her to turn her life back around.