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New for 2018 - Seven Scripts

New for 2018 - Seven Scripts

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Still available - our new scripts for 2018-2019!

Duos, Comedies, and Dramas included: 

Birthday Candles by K.R. Schneider

Twins Samantha and Sawyer celebrate their twenty-third birthday reminiscing on past experiences together: silly arguments, broken arms, first kisses, etc. As the girls reminisce, the story builds to an emotional revelation that Sawyer was killed in a car accident when they were 19, and Samantha has kept the memory of her sister alive with their imagined chats. A funny but poignant piece ready to wow in break rounds.

KTD’s by Elizabeth Bogle

In this outrageous comedy, Cassie goes to summer camp and learns about a new kind of disease — Kiss-Transmitted Disease. After catching Cassie and her boyfriend kissing by the lake, camp counselor Gloria struggles to convince them of the seriousness of the crime. Their heated debate soon reaches a hilarious and cringe-worthy conclusion. Don’t miss the chance to have your audience in stitches with this script that’s perfect for high-energy performers.

How Tybalt Capulet (Almost) Saved Italy by JD Holzmann

The story in this script is familiar: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This time the tragic tale is told from the perspective of a minor character, Juliet’s cousin Tybalt. perspective. Through puns and vanity, the story unfolds in a far more ridiculous manner than you might remember, leading to the titular character's untimely demise.  Whimsy and rhyme abound as familiar characters become fortune’s fools in this delightful new comedy for performers of all levels.

Pinocchio: No Strings Attached by Joseph Lynn and Brian Sams

How does Pinocchio the wooden puppet finally become a boy? By trying cigarettes, going to Hooters, and taking extreme measures to rid himself of his nemesis, Jiminy Cricket. Along the way, performers get a chance to try their worst Italian accents, break dance, sing the blues, and of course do Pinocchio’s famously annoying voice. This classic script is finally available again — and it’s ready for your most outrageous students.

Playdate by Scott Haan

Like all children, 4-year-olds Cassie and Benjamin like to play grown-up from time to time, but these two new friends have very different views of adulthood. As they play together, both as children and as pretend-adults, they learn some secrets about life, parenthood, and the circumstances that have brought them together for their very first playdate. As clever as it is cute, this script gives performers the rare opportunity to showcase both their skills with characters and depth as actors.

The Commander by Steve DuBois

Fabrice is a 12-year-old child soldier struggling to under the command of the brutal Mutabe.  It seems his only friends are death and despair. But Fabrice finds help in a mysterious apparition, the Commander, who guides him in his desperate attempt to break free. A searing, weighty dramatic duo where one performer plays the child, and the other plays both the cruel leader and the kind guide. This piece will leave a deep impression on all those who see it.

Revolution by Steve DuBois

In a deeply personal monologue, Benedict Arnold reflects on a life marked by heroism, betrayal, and regret. This work of historical fiction will delight fans of Hamilton and American history. Performers ready to showcase their acting skills will find many opportunities here.