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New Scripts 2019 - 18 Interp Pieces - Humor, Drama, and Duo

New Scripts 2019 - 18 Interp Pieces - Humor, Drama, and Duo

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Brand New Mushroom Cloud Press Scripts including Female - Female and Male - Male Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Monologues, Humorous Pieces for Girls and Guys, and More!

This collection includes all of our scripts from our collections of New Duos, Dramatic Monologues, and New Comedies for 2019. Purchase this and you have them all, at the best price available.

With your purchase of this digital script collection, you'll instantly receive a link to download your pieces so your students can start with brand new, competition-ready pieces now. 

Here's what's included 

New Dramatic Monologues

An Evening with Julia Maggiano By Bridget Grace Sheaff

Carrie is the 20-something understudy for the famous actress Julia Maggiano in her one-woman show… and she never expected she would actually have to fill in for this titan of the stage. But when Julia is late, Carrie finds herself in front of a grumpy audience, realizing she hasn’t quite memorized the script and isn’t right for the part, anyway. This nightmare scenario is full of genius cringe-comedy and authentic wit, as well as real emotion as Carrie uses the situation to unpack her recent split from her boyfriend. A one-of-a-kind piece that will win your best performer many rounds.

Remember One Word by Tammie Peters

“You are my lawyer, no? You will help me stay in America. Yes, it has been a very long journey. But I had no other choice.” With these words, Inez invites us on a journey from Honduras to Houston, chronicling a childhood in the grip of violence and a vision that better times lie ahead. In this absolutely necessary monologue, the author approaches the subject of migration with intelligent compassion.

Mother’s Day by A.J.J. Bourque

When the narrator of this story finds out she’s pregnant, she knows one thing: she can’t tell her terminally ill mom. That means she’s left to make the hardest choice of her life on her own. We watch her navigate her family and her feelings as she ultimately decides to give the baby up for adoption. A poignant and very real monologue for performers who appreciate playing a character with subtle depth. 

H is for Hercules by Taren Pfitzer

Domestic abuse is never the same story -- it can manifest itself in a variety of forms and levels. H, the mysterious narrator of this monologue, shares his story of abuse. From his abuse of alcohol, brought on by the emotional abuse he received from his wife, to the eventual physical abuse of his wife; H's story shows audiences that anyone can fall prey to abuse. Teaching the severity of both physical and emotional abuse, H serves as an example of how even the "villain" of the story can suffer. A strong piece for strong performers, with minimal cutting required.

Thomas More Doesn’t Know Me by Sarah Weiner

Emily Louis is a typical overachieving college student — smart, practical, and witty. In this monologue, she tells the story of meeting her former best friend, Mickey, and explains the dark truth about why their friendship ended, and how she has managed to move on. The story offers a striking and realistic look at campus sexual assault through the eyes of a very smart character.

New Duos

Declined by Mike Noland
[Two Characters / Two Girls]
Olive's trying to buy a smoothie, but her credit card keeps getting declined. So she turns for assistance to her friend Mary, who really needs to study for her test today. Why is Olive so persistent? The answer will surprise you in this fast-paced comedy perfect for performers of all levels. 

Not For Sale by Blair Waite
[Two Characters / Girl & Guy]
A woman is sitting in a park waiting to meet a man she has been talking to online when a man approaches her with a bucket of roses.  After some confusion of whether or not the roses are for sale, the man keeps the woman company and calms her down while she awaits the possible man of her dreams. A charming and uplifting piece whose characters give students much to explore.

How Much I Love You by K.R. Schneider
[Two Characters / Two Girls]
Best friends Lucy and Charlotte spend time reliving past memories together as Lucy visits Charlotte on her deathbed. They revisit the humor of terrible dates, the birth of Charlotte's first child, pierced ears and sleepaway camp, and arrive at a beautiful conclusion as Charlotte asks Lucy look after her family after she's gone. A heartfelt, heartbreaking duo from the author of last year's hit Birthday Candles.

Princess and the P by Steve DuBois
[Multi-Character or Two Characters / Two Girls]
Mynda, the Princess of Lexico, realizes that all the problems facing her father's kingdom start with the letter "P" - Poverty, Pestilence, Patriarchy, and more! So she asks a witch to ban the pesky letter for good... and the results are preposterous! An absolutely one-of-a-kind comedy that will have performers trying all kinds of new things, such as skipping the letter "p" for whole lines of dialogue! Includes author notes for splitting characters between two actors. 

Unplugged by Naomi Yang
[Multi-Character / All Performers]
Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, Musically, and more... these social media apps all come to life on one girls phone, fighting for her screentime! A clever comedy that twists the question of too much screen time into a matter of life or death.

Exit Interview by Bridget Grace Sheaff
[Two Character / Girl & Guy]
Brandon has decided to leave the company, and Nicole is conducting his exit interview... except, as the formalities crumble, we realize that the "company" is a relationship, and both parties are hoping for understanding on the way out. This two-character duo has funny twists and moving turns that lead to an ending we hope is good for both characters.

Florida Mae Tuesday's Second 6th Birthday by Frank Smith
[Multi-Character / Two Guys or Guy & Girl]
We're in love with this oddball, zany comedy that's full of brilliant one-liners ready for your most talented Duo or HI performers. Carey is taking his 8-year-old son Phil to his friend Florida Mae's sixth birthday party... again. Except the party turns out to be a chance to set up a variety of women with Carey, whose wife just died, including the birthday girl herself (after she stabs his zombie wife, of course). 

New Humorous / Comedic Interp Pieces 

So You Want to Date a Superhero by Kevin Burgun - It's the most popular gameshow on the planet! Will the heroic Princess Dana find her true love? Her options include: Steve, a stud ready to settle down; Ryanne, who has a fair bit of attitude; and Trevor, a quiet guy who is quite terrified of Dana’s superpowers… especially once he figures out that her boyfriends tend to get captured by the bad guys. The winner is undecided until the final moment, and there are tons of zippy one-liners and awkward moments along the way. This script is SUPER as a Duo or a Humorous Interp.

Going Down by Frank Smith - A pair of apartment neighbors who hate each other must work through their differences when the elevator in their building goes out. Forced to walk down 24 flights of stairs together so they can go to work, they argue, learn, and encounter stranger but equally annoyed neighbors from the lower floors. Going Down is a clever comedy packed with outrageous – and outrageously real – characters.

Johnny Learns Algebra by Katherine Thomas – This comedy brings a bit of humor to the a dry subject – teaching math.  A diverse group of students bring character to the classroom as a teacher struggles to maintain control.  At the end of the day, a simple country boy explains the basics of Algebra to his class and he includes a few life lessons along the way.  Absolutely charming with a couple fun twists, this comedy would be great for novices and experienced performers alike who want to focus on likeable, original characters.

Nora Wants A Baby by Forrest Musselman – A parody of the popular children's show Dora the Explorer in which Nora, a significantly less famous explorer, decides that she simply must have a baby NOW. While Nora’s Map, Galoshes, and other friends try to convince her that she needs a career and an education first, not to mention she’s only four, Nora remains undeterred. This uproarious comedy is perfect for performers who enjoy *almost* taking things too far. The script also contains the author’s instructions for two-person duo performance. 

In a Jam by Matt Mills - When their bus abruptly abandons them in the desert, a teen finds a hyper-competitive jam festival, from which there is no clear escape... A short, silly, weird comedy with a lot of substance for any performer to work with.

Office Case by Matt Mills - When their company eliminates vacation days, two scatterbrained employees set out to rob the place, seeking the freedom to find their purposes in life.  The rapid-fire dialogue and take-no-prisoners sarcasm means this comedy has the potential to leave audiences in stitches.