Be the first to win tournaments with our brand new scripts!

Mushroom Cloud Press is pleased to announce a subscription option for teams, coaches, and competitors looking to stay ahead of the competition with the best new scripts.  Now, all of our packages come with ability to purchase a lifetime subscription.  So, for instance, if you purchase our Humor for Girls script set with the subscription option, every new funny play we publish for female performers will be delivered straight to your inbox as soon as it’s ready.  

Below are more details about our subscription plans.  As always, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have via e-mail.

How do I sign up for a subscription?

When ordering one of our script packages, you will see an option to include a lifetime subscription on the product page.  Select “Yes” and your subscription will be included in your order.  The Complete Script Set automatically includes a subscription.

How do I get new plays after I’ve subscribed?

You don’t have to do anything!  As soon as they’re released, they will be e-mailed automatically to the e-mail address where you received your initial order.

Can I transfer my subscription?

No, the subscription cannot be transferred to a new person.  However, you are welcome to send an updated e-mail address if the address you signed up for is no longer functioning.  Teachers and coachers must purchase a new subscription for each team they coach.

I already bought your complete set, how do I sign up for a subscription?

Email us at with the information from your previous order - your name and order number is possible - and will issue you and invoice for $29.99.  You will immediately receive the nine new plays we’ve published for the 2015-2016 season, as well as receive a lifetime subscription.  Please note that this is a limited time offer, and we will only issue the subscription at this price if we are able to locate a record of your previous order. 

I already bought one of your Humor or Drama packages, can I subscribe to it?

Unfortunately, since our sets already include new scripts, you will need to purchase whichever script set you would like to subscribe to.

How long does the subscription last?

For as long as Mushroom Cloud Press publishes the package you are subscribed to.  “Lifetime subscription” refers to the life of the script package.   It is the responsibility of the customer to provide Mushroom Cloud Press with updated delivery information so the subscription can continue.  MCP does not assume any responsibility for updating this information, and will not take action if your e-mail address becomes non-functional.

Is there a certain number of plays I’m guaranteed to get per year from my subscription?

We aim to update every collection with new scripts at least once per year. However, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our material, so we only publish what meets our standards.  Therefore, the number of plays you receive through your subscription will vary, based on the number of plays we publish.  
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