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Humor for Guys – 29 Scripts – Instant Download

Humor for Guys – 29 Scripts – Instant Download

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Full of outrageous characters, clever dialogue, and one-of-a-kind stories, these plays give performers everything they need to keep their audience laughing.

Instantly download 27 of our best humorous scripts for young men, at one low price. These scripts are tournament-proven, cut for competition, and NSDA approved. 


Scripts Included:

Jerry: A Wizard School Dropout by Brandon Daley

Why is Jerry failing Wizarding school? Well, for one, he's been turning the water in the locker rooms into monkey vomit for eleven straight years. Eventually, he drops out and becomes a magic school bus driver. But when disaster strikes, he'll have to save his annoying little wizard kids with the thing he hates the most: magic. A hilarious satire of popular wizarding books and high school alike. Read our Featured Review.

New! How Tybalt Capulet (Almost) Saved Italy by JD Holzmann

The story in this script is familiar: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This time the tragic tale is told from the perspective of a minor character, Juliet’s cousin Tybalt. perspective. Through puns and vanity, the story unfolds in a far more ridiculous manner than you might remember, leading to the titular character's untimely demise.  Whimsy and rhyme abound as familiar characters become fortune’s fools in this delightful new comedy for performers of all levels.

New! Pinocchio: No Strings Attached by Joseph Lynn and Brian Sams

How does Pinocchio the wooden puppet finally become a boy? By trying cigarettes, going to Hooters, and taking extreme measures to rid himself of his nemesis, Jiminy Cricket. Along the way, performers get a chance to try their worst Italian accents, break dance, sing the blues, and of course do Pinocchio’s famously annoying voice. This classic script is finally available again — and it’s ready for your most outrageous students.


Fast Food Fairytale by Mitchell Whittenhall 

NSDA Nationals Finalist

The Kingdom of Drevthru was in peace … until it wasn’t. The kingdom was besieged by the Health Nuts, a group of radicals who ate nuts and … other healthy stuff. This is the story of our two noble heroes, Baskin and Robin, granted the power of the One Onion Ring to Rule Them All. Journeying across the Kingdom of Drevthru into the land of the Health Nuts …Vegan Ville they must take the One Onion Ring to Rule Them All and drop it into Mountain Dew to conquer the Health Nuts forever. Baskin and Robin learn how bravery, determination, and hard work can lead to incredible things and even save the world. This is a story of friendship, loss, horror, and diabetes.

Black Fedora by Ray Nesrym and Daniel Smedema

2014 NSDA Nationals Winner in HI

When Fettucini Alfredo is murdered, his son, Linguini, comes to Black Fedora, Private Eye, and hires him to look for the killer. Black visits the crime scene, the bar, and mafia leader Tommy Gun in search of the culprit. However the conspiracy runs deeper than Black could ever have imagined. In a world of lies, organ music, and product placement ads, can Black manage to close the case? Or will he end up closing shop instead?

Finding Ryan by Dave Cameron

Ryan is a new kid in school, and he's confused about life: friends, family and his future. His only friend is Krishnov, a rather unfortunate foreign exchange student. Only by being rejected and thoroughly weirded-out by everyone around him does he learn that he needs to stop worrying and just enjoy growing-up. A great HI for young performers.

The Merchandise King by Clyde Hendrickson

A parody of The Lion King that mocks Disney's ability to make everything a marketing gimmick. The star-studded supporting cast includes the Crocodile Hunter, William Shakespeare, and a disenchanted sea slug. Already shown to succeed as a theatrical show and a national tournament contender.

Bad Detective by Brandon Daley - NEW FOR 2016!

Detective Burt Shlackaluggleberginsteinson is racist, homophobic, and very bad at his job as a private investigator. But his new client, Charlotte, is desperate, and for some reason thinks Burt can help her find out just who the Shaky Arms Man is and what he’s done with her missing husband. Everyone just has to hope that Burt can crack the case before things get too stabby (hint: he won’t, and they will).

Audacity of Nope by Josh Cohen

John's spent his whole life being agreeable and easy-going, and found it's led to nothing but people running over him and taking advantage of him. So he decides to never say yes to anything again... which leads him to discover that "no" causes a lot more trouble than he thought it would.

B*tman & R*bin by Olaf Oggleson

It's the worst action movie of our time. A corny Batman teams with the insufferable Robin and the smarmy Batgirl to fight the idiotic Dr. Freeze and the vapid Poison Ivy. Terrible puns and lame plot twists abound, leading to the painful, R. Kelly-soundtracked finale. A masterwork of cutting - you get the entire awfulness of this crapstorm in 10 minutes.

The Council of Doom by Taylor Shann

Do you have what it takes to conquer the world? Are you ready to trade the lives of the innocent for your own gain? Are you a giant talking cucumber? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you're perfect for The Council of Doom. Join the Prof, El Tyrant del Mar, She-Ho, and more as they laugh, kill, and sing their way to super-villainy.

Camp by Frank Joseph

Timmy is sent to work at Boy Scout camp by his dad in an attempt to toughen him up. But his cast of coworkers, including his emo Camp Director Nathan and Ron the blind arsonist. They watch disturbing First Aid videos, terrorize the campers, and do a lot of things that shouldn't happen at a camp for young children. Through karate fights and ghost stories, Timmy becomes a bit more confident in himself, for better or for worse. A fun, high-energy script for those who like strange characters.

Beneath the Puppet Stand by Mike Beede

Beneath the Puppet Stand is a parody of VH1's Behind the Music that looks at the fuzzier side of children's entertainment. The Telletubbies do smack; Ernie gets rid of Bert; Mr. Rogers plays dirty. What more do you need to know?

Sesame: Life on the Street by Andrew Messer

Sunny day... sweeping the clouds away... So it was on Sesame Street, until a society that forgot the value of quality education started cutting the funding for public television... now Snuffalupagus has been murdered and everyone's a suspect, even Big Bird himself. Join Kermit as he narrates this harrowing tale of life on the (muppet) streets.

Great Ideas by Lawrence Atkinson

A ridiculous and raucous parody of movie clichés, mixing and matching scenes from The Matrix, Scream, Jurassic Park, and others as the show builds to a chaotic climax. Could easily be described as "the perfect humorous piece."

Table for Two, Party of Four by Andrew Messer

John's date with Cheryl could be going better. He's nervous, and he can't get out of his head. Literally. Two voices, his Id and his Super Ego, are having a lively conversation with John as he tries to woo Cheryl. The Super Ego is elitist and snobby, and the Id is entirely inappropriate. Both of them think they know what's best for John. Can he get past their unrelenting comedy routine and salvage his date? This short and snappy play gives even the craziest folk hope for their love life.

The City Morgue's 2nd Annual Take Your Daughter to Work Day by Brandon Daley

How does a corrupt boss at the city morgue get away with kidnapping a young girl at the park? He pretends she's his daughter! But since he is even more incompetent at his crime than he is at his job, his scheme is hilariously unraveled by his strange coworkers, their unfortunate daughters and the police. Now if only they could find a way to get rid of "Shirtless Thursdays"...

Investigator Q by J. J. Allen

Who killed the president’s favorite cat, Mr. Whiskers? Investigator Q must navigate conspiracies and idiocy alike to find the answer to this question that no one really cares about… except the commander in chief. After consulting with members of the presidential scandal hall of fame – including Deep Throat and Monica Lewinksy – Investigator Q stumbles upon an answer that will shock the world… if he can get them to pay attention.

Jerry: Wizarding-School Dropout by Brandon Daley

Why is Jerry failing Wizarding school? Well, for one, he's been turning the water in the locker rooms into monkey vomit for eleven straight years. Eventually, he drops out and becomes a magic school bus driver. But when disaster strikes, he'll have to save his annoying little wizard kids with the thing he hates the most: magic. A hilarious satire of popular wizarding books and high school alike.

Kid in Control by Josh Cohen

Young Billiam is tired of following his parent's rules, like being forced to give the cat suppositories every day. But when a mysterious man appears offering him a device to let Billiam control his parents, is he saved, or will things only get crazier?

Ridgeville Elementary School's Extremely Talinted Show by Matthew Yasuoka

Principal Homer barely keeps things together at his school, although it's not entirely clear if he cares. There's nothing more here than a talent show full of extremely weird, obnoxious, and crazy kids, from rappers and Richard Nixon puppeteers to time travelers and a kid whose talent is making shapes with his fat. When the kids' parents get in on the action, it's all the wacky Principal can do to keep the whole show together. An amazing piece for performers who love interpreting lots of characters - and we mean lots, close to two dozens - and want to show off their skills. Don't miss a performance of this one!

Gerald the Life-Sized Talking Spork by Spill Major

In this brilliant comedic monologue, a man dressed in a full-body spork suits explains to a tour group the history and significance of Billinson's SporkWorks, America's #1 producer of alternative eating utensils. Gerald is not a happy man - who would be in a spork suit - but he manages to entertain with spork fun facts, tales of flaming badgers, and a heaping load of self-deprecating humor. A great piece for a confident performer who likes to command an audience.

New Leash on Life by Brady Mueller

A New Leash on Life is about a normal young boy named Kevin, who goes through a not so normal transformation: he's transformed by a mad scientist into a dog. Not only does this provide the opportunity for an unbelievable amount of dog-related puns, it also lets Kevin and his dad see each other in a new light. They have to work together, for maybe the first time ever, in order to change Kevin back into a dog. Hilarious, wacky, and touching.

Calvin Coolidge vs. The Dinosaurs by Clyde Hendrickson

Dr. Simon Tonguewart is the 1920’s leading mad scientist, which doesn’t make it any less strange that President Coolidge calls upon him to combat the growing WMD threat posed by time-traveling dinosaurs. Fighting fierce rivals, sassy triceratops, and the general incompetence of all those around him, Dr. Tonguewart must untangle the strange webs of time and save his nation from prehistoric doom.

The Disappointing Son by Clyde Hendrickson

The dysfunctional family to end all dysfunctional families: A Dad devoted to his own weird fantasies, a sadistic Mom, and a son stuck between them. Donkeys, Mexico, Strange Puddings one unfortunate vibrating doll... you know how it goes. Biting wit at every turn.

13 Things You Don't Know About Swans by Clyde Hendrickson

Mike Shackleton is a copywriter for the Central Nebraskan School District. His life is split between regurgitating strange animal facts and battling with his cantankerous secretary, Mildread. But things take a turn for the weird when he gets a new intern, Flap Jackson, a mysterious rube peddling an insightful brand of idiocy. When Flap's son falls into the swan pit on a field trip to the local zoo, Shackleton must shake off the rust to become the public schooling hero he's always been.

Dr. Wilderness by Clyde Hendrickson

Dr. Wilderness is an internationally renowned explored and TV star - who has yet to go exploring or become a star. Instead, he films a YouTube series about animals with his hapless cameraman Trav, encountering animals in the most ludicrous ways possible. Included in the menagerie: snake, pig, bat, wild cat, weasel, and bear. Finally, when Dr. Wilderness makes his first bold journey into the wild, to find the ferocious beavers of Sweden, he must battle his own demons... which happen to be Swedish beavers. It's funny, it's weird, it's wild, it's classic Clyde Hendrickson, one of the most successful authors in the forensics world.

Hot Dog Time Machine by Alan McGuire

Josh reaches into the freezer and finds frozen hot dogs that allow him to travel through time to meet several extremely strange characters including a boy with chainsaw hands in order to better understand that the life he has is probably pretty darn good for a teenage boy.  Then his... wife? tries to eat him.  It's as fun and crazy as it sounds.

Ho Ho Ho! by Taylor Shann

Adam, Timothy, and Jose all play Santa Claus.  And, for different reasons, they all regret this decision. A fast-paced suburban satire positively alight with holiday zingers. 

May the Best Man Win by Max Alanson

When a man brings his girlfriend home to meet Dad, he quickly sees that his father has different plans in mind - and is soon competing for his girlfriend's love with him!