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7 New Duo Scripts for 2019 - Pieces for Two Performers

7 New Duo Scripts for 2019 - Pieces for Two Performers

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The Best New Duos and Duets for 2019 are available now. Duo Interpretation for Two Girls, Two Guys, and Guy & Girl are included in this collection of scripts, with both two Character and multi-character pieces. 

There are comedies and dramas in this collection, and like every Mushroom Cloud Press piece, they are packed full of characters with depth, strong writing, and themes that will resonate with a student audience

With your purchase of this digital collection, you'll instantly receive all your scripts so you can start working on a new performance today. All scripts are easily cut for competition. 

Duo and Duet Scripts Included:

Declined by Mike Noland
[Two Characters / Two Girls]
Olive's trying to buy a smoothie, but her credit card keeps getting declined. So she turns for assistance to her friend Mary, who really needs to study for her test today. Why is Olive so persistent? The answer will surprise you in this fast-paced comedy perfect for performers of all levels. 

Not For Sale by Blair Waite
[Two Characters / Girl & Guy]
A woman is sitting in a park waiting to meet a man she has been talking to online when a man approaches her with a bucket of roses.  After some confusion of whether or not the roses are for sale, the man keeps the woman company and calms her down while she awaits the possible man of her dreams. A charming and uplifting piece whose characters give students much to explore.

How Much I Love You by K.R. Schneider
[Two Characters / Two Girls]
Best friends Lucy and Charlotte spend time reliving past memories together as Lucy visits Charlotte on her deathbed. They revisit the humor of terrible dates, the birth of Charlotte's first child, pierced ears and sleepaway camp, and arrive at a beautiful conclusion as Charlotte asks Lucy look after her family after she's gone. A heartfelt, heartbreaking duo from the author of last year's hit Birthday Candles.

Princess and the P by Steve DuBois
[Multi-Character or Two Characters / Two Girls]
Mynda, the Princess of Lexico, realizes that all the problems facing her father's kingdom start with the letter "P" - Poverty, Pestilence, Patriarchy, and more! So she asks a witch to ban the pesky letter for good... and the results are preposterous! An absolutely one-of-a-kind comedy that will have performers trying all kinds of new things, such as skipping the letter "p" for whole lines of dialogue! Includes author notes for splitting characters between two actors. 

Unplugged by Naomi Yang
[Multi-Character / All Performers]
Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, Musically, and more... these social media apps all come to life on one girls phone, fighting for her screentime! A clever comedy that twists the question of too much screen time into a matter of life or death.

Exit Interview by Bridget Grace Sheaff
[Two Character / Girl & Guy]
Brandon has decided to leave the company, and Nicole is conducting his exit interview... except, as the formalities crumble, we realize that the "company" is a relationship, and both parties are hoping for understanding on the way out. This two-character duo has funny twists and moving turns that lead to an ending we hope is good for both characters.

Florida Mae Tuesday's Second 6th Birthday by Frank Smith
[Multi-Character / Two Guys or Guy & Girl]
We're in love with this oddball, zany comedy that's full of brilliant one-liners ready for your most talented Duo or HI performers. Carey is taking his 8-year-old son Phil to his friend Florida Mae's sixth birthday party... again. Except the party turns out to be a chance to set up a variety of women with Carey, whose wife just died, including the birthday girl herself (after she stabs his zombie wife, of course).