New Spring 2024 Script Collection Available Now!

🏆 The Spring 2024 Collection: New Comedy, Drama, & Duo Interpretation 🏆
🏆 The Spring 2024 Collection: New Comedy, Drama, & Duo Interpretation 🏆

🏆 The Spring 2024 Collection: New Comedy, Drama, & Duo Interpretation 🏆

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Find the best new piece for your upcoming speech competition! For the first time ever, Mushroom Cloud Press is releasing a fresh batch of scripts for Spring. 

This collection includes new works by some of our most popular authors, including K.R. Schneider (Birthday Candles and How Much I Love You) and Steven DuBois (Screaming Timmy Must Die and Revolution).

There's really unique (and really funny) comedies and some striking dramas. And of course, tremendous new duos! Get them all right now at our special preview sale price.

Featured new comedy! 
The Sports Atheist
by Micah Larson & Brian Sams
A heartwarming satire with tons of laughs that will connect with any audience

In Joey’s world, Sports is a religion, and Joey has had enough. When he tells his parents he doesn’t believe in Sports anymore, it hits them hard, especially his dad. Joey tries to convince them that being a Sports Atheist just makes sense for him. Coach arrives and attempts a Sports exorcism, which is unsuccessful. Joey admits to his parents that he’s thinking about participating in Speech, and when his dad discovers it’s a competition, he’s all in, so much so that Joey is left to wonder if he has just created a whole new set of problems for himself.

The Worst Day Ever by Micah Larson & Brian Sams
Zany multi-character comic book comedy featuring a villain's hilarious redemption

Dr. Jonathan B. Worst has a troubled past - as a genius child who was the victim of bullying. As such he has sworn to take revenge on the world through a series of evil schemes—all of which backfire and end up serving humanity in some way. Only his relationship with his abducted—and then adopted—son can help him to realize his true nature.

Featured new script! 
Junk We Never Said Thank You For by K.R. Schneider
A two-person piece full of inside jokes and touching moments

Collin & Amelia's have seen a lot during their long friendship. The night before Collin's wedding, after everyone else has gone to bed, the pair sit together and reminisce about the things that they've been through together: crazy high-school antics, blind dates, and tragedy. Ultimately, the realize how lucky they are to have one another.

Play Nice by K.R. Schneider
A pitch-black relationship comedy or duo

Dennis & Madeline have decided to separate, but with the holidays around the corner, Dennis requests that they wait until after the festivities to tell their families so as not to ruin the celebration. Madeline reluctantly agrees, but spending Christmas with Dennis' family turns out to be even more ridiculous than usual as the couple can't stop pushing each other's buttons. 

Sibling Rivalry by K.R. Schneider
A duo for two guys ready to put some character work into their comedy

Two brothers—stuck-up, holier than thou Tom, and perpetual prankster, screw-up Tim—have not seen each other for a decade, but when their father dies, they are forced to come face to face and re-hash their childhoods as they gather at their mother's house to prepare for his funeral.

Fantastic new duo interpretation for two young women 
 by Steven DuBois
A tumultuous meeting between a fan and a YouTube star

Backstage at VidCon, Nancy meets her favorite “mental health influencer,” Megan. It quickly becomes apparent that their interaction will be anything but normal, as Nancy begins asking more and more of Megan. Both of them reveal they’ve been playing a character, and as the tension fades they learn a little more about what it means to be themselves. A dark, relevant comedy that questions everything about online culture.

Lover's Island by Stephanie Christensen
An HI or Duo with lots of goofy characters looking for love & fame 

On a TV show that absolutely is NOT Love Island, a group of attractive singles move to an island to find love... only to discover that they'll also be fighting for their survival on a show that is certainly not Survivor. By the final episode, someone will be crowned America's Top Survivalist Lover, and someone will have their arm ripped off by a seal. This piece has puts a bullseye on the self-involved silly people who star on reality TV competition shows. 

Last Words by Tracy Nuss
A weighty monologue considering what justice really means

This monologue tells the emotional story of a young woman on death row.  As part of her last rites, she meets with a priest and recounts her tale of vengeance against the college frat boy who attacked her sister.  She shows no remorse for her actions; she believes they are right and just.  The scene concludes with the young woman sharing a personal manifesto and her hopes for how her actions will be seen and interpreted.