NSDA Compliance

Mushroom Cloud Press is an approved vendor of electronic scripts for National Speech and Debate Asoociation. Any script you download from our site is legal for competition in the association and in affiliated leagues.

Full information on NSDA policies is available here: http://www.speechanddebate.org/approvedwebsites

Our compliance website is located here: http://nflcompliance.mushroomcloudpress.com/ 

This website is password protected and can only be accessed by customers who have purchased scripts.  A file is included with every package of script that explains how to access the site.  On the site, you will find web versions of your purchased scripts, ready to be printed. 

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NSDA Manuscript Verification Requirements (For NSDA District Tournaments Only - Check rules for all other competitions):

Students/coaches will need to bring the following items to the District Tournament and submit them to the Association upon student entry to the National Tournament.

A. Manuscript items to be printed directly from the screen:
The first page in the website (the home page).

  1. All other links pages needed to navigate to the literary text selected for competition shall be printed out and the link must be highlighted in the manuscript.
  2. All web pages upon which the cutting appears.

B. Each page must have printed in the header and/or footer:

  1. Date the page was printed.
  2. Web address.

C. Only the printed manuscript shall be considered adequate proof of authenticity. In other words, the student or coach must provide printed pages or an identical copy for examination.

D. The highlighted manuscript submitted for material verification will follow the same rules designated for printed and published material.

E. The website and online version of the digital publication needs to be available for comparison if challenged.

Online access is the fundamental responsibility of the District Committee and/or the individual filing the protest.

NOTE: If the committee cannot gain online access and the above requirements have been met, the piece is to be considered legal for use.