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NSDA Compliance

Mushroom Cloud Press is an approved vendor of electronic scripts for National Speech and Debate Association. Any script you download from our site is legal for competition in the association and in affiliated leagues.

The NSDA Unified High School Manual states: "Published, unaltered PDF documents that are commercially or professionally available are eligible sources."

Our scripts are just that! Published and commercially available. 

Full information on NSDA interp rules for PDFs are available in the unified manual:

If you reach Quaterfinals at Nationals (congrats!), you will need your original PDF of the script. to give to tournament officials. Here's the line from the manual: 

"For PDFs, an original, unaltered PDF via flash drive, email, or on an electronic device (e.g., laptop) must be presented."

In the rare case your script is challenged, our compliance website is located here: 

This website is password protected and can only be accessed by customers who have purchased scripts.  A file is included with every package of script that explains how to access the site.  On the site, you will find web versions of your purchased scripts, ready for tournament officials to compare to your student's cutting. 

Mushroom Cloud will only verify your script if you, your coach, or your school has purchased it directly from us or an approved vendor.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.