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Jerry: A Wizard School Dropout

"I saw a student perform this script and I nearly died laughing." 
— Coach from North Dakota 

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Every high school has burnouts. Even wizarding high school. From a young age, Jerry's lack of enthusiasm for his magical studies was evident.

Jerry starts making trouble—turning his teacher's coffee to monkey vomit, turning the milk in the cafeteria into monkey vomit, and turning the water in the locker rooms into, you guessed it, monkey vomit. Who can blame him? Everyone expects Jerry to become a wizard, when all he wants to do is be a dermatologist.

Disillusioned in school, Jerry starts to misbehave... by falling in with a black magic crowd.  We meet Fungletoad, Artimous, and Wigburt, three other ne'er-do-wells with a knack for causing mystical trouble. He becomes an addict, and eventually drops out, only to become a school bus driver for Wizard High.

And while he never quite catches up with the rest of his class, Jerry does manage to finally make his mark on the world — and it smells distinctly like monkey vomit. 

With an overly-serious narrator, many wise-cracking wizards, and a charming main character, Brandon Daley's script is full of characters ready for interpretation, whether it be a one- or two-person performance. 

Our favorite part of this script, other than all the magic jokes, is how it goes against the expectation of a bad kid with a heart of gold who finally grows up. No, Jerry is just a slacker, and even though he stays that way his story is worth telling.

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