New Spring 2024 Script Collection Available Now!

New Scripts 2021 - Duo, Drama, Comedy - Fresh & Fantastic Plays - $5 Instant Savings

New Scripts 2021 - Duo, Drama, Comedy - Fresh & Fantastic Plays - $5 Instant Savings

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With these eleven new comedies, dramas, and duos, Mushroom Cloud Press continues its yearly tradition of providing speech students with the best new scripts that are ready to win tournaments now

From zombies and imaginary friends to courtrooms and family secrets, these plays are full of the stories that will stand out and the characters that will shine in rounds. 

Instant savings - take an extra $20 off to get this collection for $29.99!

Don't wait--many of these scripts are sure to become standards in years to come. We can't wait to see students bringing these fantastic plays to life.

Plays included:

R.O.R. by Miles Wright
MF Duo or Multi-Character Dramatic Interp

The worst day of Lamar’s life is an average day for Judy. He’s charged with burglary and assault, and she’s the public defender assigned him. Over 10 taut minutes, the two characters race to understand each other, and find they both want the same thing: to make sure Lamar gets another chance. Written for speech competition by a career public defender, this challenging, timely, and dramatic piece will absolutely propel your best actors to final rounds. 

Emily's Post-Apocalyptic Book of Zombie Etiquette by Lauren Hance
Multi-Character Duo or Humorous Interp

Years after the HN666N7 virus breaks out, most humans have become zombies. In efforts to bring back the decorum of a more civilized society, Emily has written a revised version of her classic book Etiquette. Will the zombies take her advice, or will natural instinct take over? What do you do if you’re shaking hands with someone and their arm falls off? The answer, Emily tells us, is not to eat the arm! Lots of clever laughs and physical comedy in this fun new play.

20 Questions and a Motive for Murder by Stephanie Christensen
Humorous Interp, Multi-Character Duo

Professor Singh and his assistant Priscilla have invited his students over for an end-of-semester “celebration” dinner. The main event is a game of 20 questions, which will reveal Professor Singh’s least favorite student. However, it soon becomes clear how high the stakes are: the “winning” student will be murdered as a lesson to the others! Now the rag-tag gang of students have to band together to escape, even if it means a failing grade. A classic humorous piece with fantastic characters. Our favorite part? Lots of fun to be had with the audience, who unwittingly join the chaos within the flow of the show. One-of-a-kind fun!   

Rapunzel & Ella’s Magical Hair Salon by Stephanie Christensen
Humorous Interp (with a heart of gold), FF Duo

Rapunzel and (Cinder)ella had difficult lives before they found each other. Rapunzel grew up a wild child in the woods, unaware that movies aren’t real or that shoes go on your feet. Ella lived a life of poverty in the big city. But when they find each other, it’s friendship that makes their dreams come true (and not an evil spirit selling gold watches). A touching piece with an ending that will melt the coldest hearts. 

Take Care Of It by Kevin J. Burgun
Humorous Interp, Multi-Character Duo

You'll be laughing uncontrollably the first time you read this clever, zany comedy! What happens when your wonderful night of sleep is shattered by a text message sent by two dimwitted scammers? Well, if you are a trillionaire, you hire a band of ex-soldier mercenaries to “take care of it”. The play features so many amazing comedic characters for performers to work with, as the hapless scammers and the far-too-grizzled mercenaries struggle to figure out exactly what “take care of it” means. 

The Main Character by Kevin J. Burgun
FF Duo, Humorous Interp

Grace narrowly avoids getting hit by a bus... which means she must be the main character of the story! She and her friend Patty (surely, the main character's sidekick) try to figure out what that means: Is Grace invincible? Can she say whatever she wants in class? Can she get revenge on her second grade bully? You'll find out in this rapid-fire duo for two girls... and if you don't, well, there's another bus headed right towards Grace. One of those scripts that's so well-crafted you can hand it to novices, or to experienced performers who have their comedic timing perfected.

One Man’s Trash by Frank Smith
Two-Person MF Duo, Dramatic Interp

While packing up the home of their recently deceased parents, a brother and sister come across items that trigger memories...very different memories. Although the sister is initially defensive when the brother recalls a more toxic environment growing up, she is ultimately able to see that maybe their experiences growing up were sadly too similar.

A Dozen Red Flags by Briana LaVine Leigh
FF Duo, MF Duo, or Multi-Character Humorous Interp

“If a dude handed me a dozen red flags, I’d be like, ‘A dozen red flags?!  For me?!’” So begins the saga of Eliza, a young girl unlucky in love. When she agrees to go on a date to the zoo… at 2am… with a guy she met at the pet store, we realize she’s responsible for some of her own bad luck. Fortunately, she has her friend Dolores, a wise older woman, to advise her… except Dolores is the biggest troublemaker at her nursing home, setting people’s pants on fires and giving her bridge team performance-enhancing drugs. The zoological heist comes to a wild conclusion as all three characters converge for a wacky action-packed finish. Fun from beginning to end!

Imaginary Friend by Marisa Grady
Two-Person MM Duo, Humorous Interp

Henry is Jimmy’s imaginary best friend, someone who’s been there for all the most important moment of Jimmy’s life… which is getting to be a problem. Jimmy is in high school, and Henry thinks it’s time Jimmy let him go. Through some creative persuasion, he tells Jimmy growing up isn’t so bad – you can stay up late, have a job, go on dates – and that he’ll be fine without him. A heartwarming comedy with an ending that will make you smile, but with plenty of opportunities for big laughs along the way.

The Next Table by Bridget Grace Sheaff
Two-Person MF Duo, Humorous Interp

Erica and Toby are not at this restaurant together. She’s eating alone, and he’s waiting for a blind date that maybe stood him up. Nevertheless, they can’t help from starting a conversation… and maybe more. In this flirty, sitcom-style romantic(?) comedy, we find two characters who want to get to know each other but aren’t sure if they should. The final moment has a striking ambiguity that will have audiences debating what was really going on. A nice duo for two performers who really click.

Kitchen Sink by Taylor Shann
Duo, HI… all kinds of funny

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure why we’re publishing this play. It’s a dry, redneck comedy that for some reason takes place with all the characters standing in a lake. I don’t really know what’s going on any more than Jimmy Joe Bob or Bob Joe Bob (two of these characters) seem to. It’s very close to being inappropriate for high school. But! There is that one weird person on your team, that duo pair that likes to get out there, who need this piece, because they need to let out every ounce of wild madness they have on the way to winning. Let ‘em at it.