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Duo for Girl & Guy – 10 Scripts – Instant Download

Duo for Girl & Guy – 10 Scripts – Instant Download

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Instantly download 9 of our best scripts for young men & women to perform together, at one low price. These scripts are tournament-proven and NSDA approved. 

Scripts Included: 

Playdate by Scott Haan - New for 2018!

Like all children, 4-year-olds Cassie and Benjamin like to play grown-up from time to time, but these two new friends have very different views of adulthood. As they play together, both as children and as pretend-adults, they learn some secrets about life, parenthood, and the circumstances that have brought them together for their very first playdate. As clever as it is cute, this script gives performers the rare opportunity to showcase both their skills with characters and depth as actors.

Face Baggage by Nick Monroy

What if Facebook took place as a real life interaction? What if you walked in a room and a stranger started demanding all your life's most intimate details? In this oddly accurate and devastatingly funny play, that's exactly what happens to Danny. He has to sign up for Facebook in real life. His interviewer, Nikki, interprets his most harmless remarks like "it's complicated" into online gossip. And once the poking and the zombie attacks start, things get very weird, very fast. Don't miss this killer 2-person play, perfect for forensics.

Buds with Spuds by Frank Cernik

The Potato: boring root or world's most exciting superstar? This hilarious tour through the history of the potato takes us to the unknown corners of the spudding world, including Columbus first introducing the root to Native Americans, Steve Irwin's clash with wild potatoes in Idaho, a strange potato-worshipping cult, and even a battlefield of mashed and baked tubers. It's the type of witty, self-defacing humor that's perfect for a savvy forensics competitor.

Countdown to Love by Andrew Messer

Speed dating is always a recipe for disaster. But when John plunges into Super Speed Dating, he meets an array of crazies, con-artists and maniacs that could make anyone's head spin. After going through a dozen girls in eight minutes, is he left with anything but a sense of despair? Find out in this breakneck-paced comic scorcher. 

THE GR8 TXT MSG WAR by Hank Frederick

Hilarious, and totally unique: performers will have a blast speaking and acting in the language of text messages. A weeknight conversation between two high-schoolers (Girl & Guy), conducted completely over text message. The plot is basic: Girl is mad at guy for stupid joke, guy makes up for it. But with the added bonus of strange text abbreviations, spelled-out smiley faces, and of course some out-there autocorrect mistakes, the conversation becomes a rollercoaster of confusion and melodrama. One of our best new comedies.

The Assistant by Don Trickseven

Ripped from the headlines, this duo follows one night that will change the lives of a young married couple, as well as the fate of an entire university. Drew, an up-and-coming assistant basketball coach, comes home to tell his wife Mel that he saw the revered head coach of the team in a compromising position with a female student. Now the two must weigh all the good they have seen the coach do versus what they think they have to do in order to protect the students, and in the process traverse all the unseen fault lines of their own relationship and histories. Maddening, heartbreaking, and moving, this dialogue will have everyone in the audience riveted.

STOP! by Ray Nesrym

A Driver’s License: the ultimate prize for teenagers. Only one thing stands between this kid and his motorized freedom: his mom. In a scene all-to-familiar to many children and parents, this mother is determined to teach her child exactly how to drive safe, even if it means they both have a nervous breakdown in the process. A cringe-worthy laugh-fest that will have contestants and judges alike nodding their heads in recognition.


Minnesota by Spill Major

When a young woman boards a flight from New York City back home to Minnesota, she's just hoping it passes as quickly as possible. It's soon apparent that won't happen when she sits down next to Former President Grover Cleveland, who seems confused about exactly where he is, what he's doing, and who the President is on the dime. Also, he might just be a guy named Steve, although he'll never quite admit it. Although the two are from very different eras, which they thoroughly debate the merits of, they come to an understanding of each other over the course of their brief time together, in a charming and curious two person scene.

4-0 by Taylor Shann

A strong and fast-paced comedy for male or female performers. Jack's company's charity softball team is undefeated, mostly thanks to his outrageous tactics and merciless taunting of other hapless teams. Now, his boss Helen is sick of covering for his antics, and decides to fire him. In order to save his job, Jack will have to do the one thing he can't stand: lose.

Child's Play by Alyssa Zaczek

Ryan Richards is stuck. He's stuck in a humdrum marriage that's on the rocks and a dead-end job managing the toy store he thought he'd be owner of by now. In short, his life is average, until his former summer camp fling and first love Jessica Monroe drops in on him at work - and ends up with a job. Over the course of a single evening, Jessica turns Ryan's life upside down, and forces him to question whether or not his life is all he hoped it would be. But is Jessica hiding a tragic secret that may explain her whirlwind appearance in Ryan's world? Through a conversation that will change two lives, both Ryan and Jessica learn that love and life are not games that are meant for children.