New Spring 2024 Script Collection Available Now!

Five Fantastic New Scripts

These are the best new scripts in our updated collections. Remember, you can get every competition-ready piece we publish by purchasing our Complete Collection, which is currently on sale for over 50% off! 


Everything Under the Sun by Bridget Grace Sheaff 

At an interplanetary meeting, The Sun announces that she needs a vacation. Each of the planets vies for their position as the center of the solar system, with disastrous results. In the end, after a rally of appreciation, The Sun decides to stay. A fast-paced and smart comedy with ten terrific characters. Read it along with many other hilarious piece in our Humor for Girls Collection.


NSDA Nationals Finalist! - Fast Food Fairytale by Mitchell Whittenhall 

The Kingdom of Drevthru was in peace … until it wasn’t. The kingdom was besieged by the Health Nuts, a group of radicals who ate nuts and … other healthy stuff. This is the story of our two noble heroes, Baskin and Robin, granted the power of the One Onion Ring to Rule Them All. Journeying across the Kingdom of Drevthru into the land of the Health Nuts …Vegan Ville they must take the One Onion Ring to Rule Them All and drop it into Mountain Dew to conquer the Health Nuts forever. Baskin and Robin learn how bravery, determination, and hard work can lead to incredible things and even save the world. This is a story of friendship, loss, horror, and diabetes. Part of Humor for Guys.


Jack, the Lionheart by Bobby Lebeda

What does love mean when it brings us to the breaking point? David’s brother Jack suffers from a severe form of autism, and the strain of caring for him tears the entire family apart. In a brutally honest monologue, David describes choosing between himself and Jack, a choice that would haunt him forever. For actors ready to show the full range of their dramatic skills. One of many moving works in our Drama for Guys Collection.


The Duffing of Eunice Powell by Tracy Winters

Eunice Powell is not like most girls. Last year, she won Most Likely to Own a Zaxby’s Franchise. This year, she’s in love with the coolest guy in school. After passing out at a football tryout (which doesn’t go well), Eunice reflects on life, love, and what it means to own who you are.  One of 12 scripts perfect for two young women to perform together in our Duo for Two Girls Collection.


Bad Detective by Brandon Daley

Detective Burt Shlackaluggleberginsteinson is racist, homophobic, and very bad at his job as a private investigator. But his new client, Charlotte, is desperate, and for some reason thinks Burt can help her find out just who the Shaky Arms Man is and what he’s done with her missing husband. Everyone just has to hope that Burt can crack the case before things get too stabby (hint: he won’t, and they will). Part of Humor for Guys.