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Top 14 Scripts: Most Popular Pieces from each Mushroom Cloud Press Collection

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Humor for Guys
Camp - Timmy goes to Boy Scout camp to "toughen up", but things are much weirder than he could have imagined...
The Merchandise King - Our classic parody of a certain lion-centric musical. 
Sesame: Life on the Street - With funding for public television cut, these muppets have to get by any way they can.

Humor for Girls
Mary Choppins - Three little British children get more than they bargained for with their new maid.
Depressed White Girl: World's Worst DI Sick of seeing the same dramatic monologues over and over? Here’s all of them packed into one 10-minute comedy. 
Little Suzy Sues God for All He's Worth - What happens when your mom runs over your cat? You enter a cosmic legal battle between good and evil!

Duo for Two Girls
Mother-Daughter Dialogues - Chart one woman's relationship with her mother through hilarious and touching conversations, from age 3 onward. 
The Ultimate Drama - What's better than one dramatic duo? All of them at once.

Duo for Guy & Girl
Countdown to Love - Super-speed dating with crazies, con-artists and maniacs.

Duo for Two Guys
Everyone's Gonna Die - A pair of best friends with multiple-personality disorder attempt to reenact the entire Trojan War.
Front Porch Chronicles - Bobby, a lonely widower, finds new meaning in life when the kid next door, Sam, starts visiting him every day. Heartwarming!

Drama for Guys
No Longer the First - A young man becomes a father earlier than expected and tells the tale of how he had to grow up fast.

Drama for Girls
God, If You're Really Out There - After her husband dies in the 9/11 attacks, a woman rediscovers her faith.
Time of Our Lives
 - A high-school friendship seems destined for romance, until it ends in one friend's intolerance and another's acceptance.